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Quick Finance Loan!

– Bar counter
– Dance floor
– DJ
– Lights
– Music system
– Eating outlets

In order to bring about changes in your pub, you may need sound finance from experts. If you are purchasing a pub for the first time it is good to seek sound advice from mortgage experts. Consider your mortgage options before you finalize with any. Beware of the repercussions of loan defaults as you may end up losing your collateral pledged against it.

If you think your business is not doing really well, you must need to bring in some changes. May be your bar counter needs some refurbishments, you may want to spend on interiors. Do not forget the music system you have and the DJ who mixes the music for you. It is worth considering a good DJ and a better sound system. No night club would work better with out a good sound system in place. Those lights should be really exquisite to allure more dancers on the dance floor.

Some lenders may not consider your credit scores or any financial standing. These are known as non-status lending this also means that the publican’s past track record, credit history or loan serviceability has no bearing on the funding decision. A broker will be least affected whether your credit score is good or bad as he has a collateral pledged against the loan he lends to the borrower.

You are at liberty to either approach a commercial mortgage banker/broker or a Brewery owner for funds. You may enjoy better benefits if you approach a brewery owner. Loan rates would be more competitive and you may need to sign an agreement which mentions that you will buy your liquor from them. With the signing up of contract, you will get your liquor at a better deal.

SR&ED Finance Loans in Canada

SRED Financing is your firm’s ability to take immediate cash flow and working capital advantage of our SR&ED tax credit claim. This program, (formal name = Scientific Research and Experimental Development) is bar none the best tax incentive program in Canada. Other than being taxable as income the refund you receive from the government is a non repayable grant. What could be better than that?

The irony in this great program is simply that almost 70% of companies in Canada that are eligible for the program do not even apply, let alone receive their funds! It clearly is a source of untapped cash flow and working capital for your Canadian business that should be maximized to the hilt.

The other 30% of Canadian firms who use the program utilize it around their efforts to develop new products and services, building prototypes, and solving technological challenges.

So your Canadian controlled private company utilizes and files SRED filings. Did you know your claim can be financing immediately after you file it, literally the same day. Specialists that work as ‘SR&ED consultants are experts in preparing your claim and in Canada your SRED claim can be prepared at your cost – and you keep all the proceeds of the government grant, or alternatively, your claim can be done on a contingency basis, at no cost to yourself, and the consultant usually keeps anywhere from 10-30% of the total refund received.

However most Canadian business owners and their SRED consultants do not know that your claim can be financing, either during the preparation of your claim, (yes, before your file, if you qualify!) or immediately on filing of your claim.

Generally with this type of financing you receive immediately approximately 70% of the value of your claim. The other 30% still comes back you of course, but its simply a bit of a buffer to cover financing costs and any risk that a portion of the claim will be disallowed or clawed back.

When we think in terms of specialty financing we can categorically state that SRED financing is specialty financing in Canada. We urge clients to locate a business financing advisor who has credibility, experience and background in this area.

The SRED financing process is not as complicated as you seem if you are well prepared and have access to good assistance. Its as simply as completing a basic business financing application, ensuring proper back up is in place and valid. That includes info on your company, the SRED claim itself, your previous SRED claims if you have filed previously etc.

The reality is that SRED financing can be completed within 2-3 weeks of starting the process. The beauty of this type of financing is that no payments are made on the SRED loan. In effect you can say that you have factored or discounted the SRED claim. You are simply waiting for your cheque from Ottawa, and are making use of the working capital and cash flow now. That’s a solid interim financing strategy for many firms, and that cash can be used for reduction of payables, investments in new equipment, additional staff, etc. The bottom line = any general worthwhile corporate purpose.

In summary, of course ensure you are taking advantage of Canada’s Sr&Ed program. Once that is the case you have the option of financing your claim, allowing you to maximize the true benefits of the program, i.e. the recovery of your R&D expenses in the most time efficient manner possible. That’s a solid financial strategy.

Equipment Financing

Are you looking to purchase a piece of yellow iron equipment or business equipment?

Obtaining business financing in the current economic climate can be a challenge because most lending institutions have strict lending requirements and only lend to companies that can show a sustained profitability and verified financial records.

So, where does this leave you? When you tried to get that loan, you were turned down. The traditional forms of financing aren’t available for you. Ninety percent of small businesses can’t get a loan from a bank.

There is a solution that is available to you. Equipment Leasing, it’s a form of financing that is used by corporations to acquire equipment. What’s the difference between a lease and a loan?
When a company executes a lease the title to the equipment remains with funding source. This means that you are renting the equipment and when you finish making the payments you will own the equipment at a pre-determined purchased option. Most of the leases you will see will either be a $1.00 purchase option (buck out) or a fair market value option (FMV) not to exceed 10% of original equipment cost. When a company executes a loan, the title to the equipment remains with the company and the equipment is used as additional collateral for the loan.

WHEN YOU LEASE: There is usually NO down payment (its up to you), NO Blanket Liens, NO Financial Covenants, end user does not bear the risk of obsolete equipment, PAYMENTS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE, off balance sheet transaction and it does not affect your available credit

WHEN YOU OBTAIN A LOAN: There is a down payment required, a Blanket Lien is required, Financial Covenant is required, you bear all the risk of obsolete equipment, only partial tax deduction, shows on your balance sheet and it does affect your available credit.

Generally your money should earn you 30% annually. Let’s take a look at how much money your company is losing by making a $50,000 equipment purchase as opposed to leasing.


$50,000 (company money) X 30% = $15,000 income

Now calculate that 30% annual income of $15,000 over a 5 year period = $75,000

So, now you can see if you spent $50,000 on equipment, you would be out of pocket $50,000 and the 30% annual income over a 5 year term which is $75,000, you would be out of pocket a total of $125,000.

If you leased the equipment you would only have to put up one or two payments. These payments are a tax write off, so, which route would you follow?

Would you like to expand your business? Do you need an extra piece of equipment so you can start that new project that you were just awarded? If you could get that new piece of equipment, could you improve your business?

Financing can be arranged for customers that have had bankruptcies, tax liens, slow pays, judgments and repossessions. Assets qualify you, not credit scores.

KEEP IN MIND—each time you submit a deal to a leasing company and they pull your credit, your credit risk score is lowered. Be careful, or you may shop yourself out of any chance of obtaining your lease. Also an excessive amount of inquires will adversely effect you chances of being financed. Don’t make a lender ask themselves—Why didn’t any of these other companies finance this customer?

Our process is streamlined to facilitate lease approvals within 24 hours of receiving a completed application. Typically funding is done in five days, depending on the program that best fits your situation.

Personal Financing Loan Tips

Sometimes, it is very difficult to become familiar with all the vocabularies in relation to personal loans. A Personal loan is something which must very well be understood ahead of making any decision about it. There are so many explanations why you may opt for personal loans. If you look up for the right information about personal loans, you may be able to get what is right and perfect for you. Your aim should be safeguarding your money and nothing ought to be done that will plunge your finances into jeopardy.

A lot of resources exist in books that teach about personal loans. If you get a copy of such books, you should know that you are making a choice which is synonymous to a very great investment. Always keep in mind that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. This should be the best approach when you seek financial decisions and especially when it involves making a decision about loans.

One good book to read is Gary W. Eldred’s “Beginners Guide to Real Estate Investing”. This deals with realties in general, but there are adequate materials in it on the subject of personal loans. What you should know is that this text contains almost the best information that will help you make the best decision if you think of personal loans for real estates.

Another text, “The Book of Inside Information”, puts into plain words the basics of getting and dealing with a personal loan. This text goes beyond a mere explanation of personal loans to offering advices and tips of dealing with family finances. Another very recent publication is “The 21st Century Family Legal Guide: The Law You Must Know to Protect Yourself and Your Family”. Although a very practical text, there is still abundant and brilliant material in it which deals with personal loans.

You should be happy because every good text that gives you the basics about personal loans will also provide you with useful information on how to redeem every personal loan. For example, “Live Debt Free” (3rd Edition) has reliable tips for paying off loans. Remember that this text will never teach you of any means to become prosperous. Rather, it teaches you on means to better manage your money and better management of your money is one of the keys to becoming prosperous.

There are also some excellent periodicals such as Money Today and Reader’s Digest which offers write-ups that give an idea about which loan should be best for you. Most of such valuable information can also be reached through the internet. Also remember to go through the analysis always provided by the National Consumer Council on matters relating to personal loans.

Getting any of these texts is not enough. The key to every successful financial decision or decision on personal loan remains in your ability to go through and understand what is in the text. You must be able to understand and appreciate the ins and outs of personal loans. Remember to go in for books which have a balanced approach to personal loans. Keep in mind that you must appraise the excellent as well as poor resources on personal loan before you make a good decision.